I would rather _______ than pay attention to the NBA labor talks

Use Internet Explorer. Have brunch with Kelvin Sampson. Audition for Minute to Win it. Paint faces on china dolls. Reread Ulysses (on audiobook). Order a bonsai tree from 1800flowers.com. Watch two episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Train with LeBron. Work the cash register at Yankee Candle. Go to church. Poke someone on Facebook. Wear a cape. Visit BYU for a campus tour. Rollerblade naked through a cornfield while listening to Fiddler on the Roof in its entirety. Look at funny pictures of Ron Artest. Eat a bratwurst at the Iowa Straw Poll. Play 18 at Augusta (jk lol!). Play the piccolo. Play The Sims (v1.1). Plank. Skype with JoePa. Decoct the sociopolitical rhetoric scattered throughout Tyler the Creator’s Twitter feed. Get a jumpstart on my May Day 2012 basket. Build my personal brand via GeoCities. Write inane blog posts about not paying attention to the NBA labor talks.

Have I left anything out?

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  2. headphonesrequired said: Spend an afternoon in the recording studio with Rebecca Black.
  3. everybodybutus said: Take care of my GeoPet
  4. excitablehonky said: Wear the Benny the Bull outfit at Taste of Chicago?
  5. slapclapper said: Smurfs 3D?
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