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Hearts of Love — Crocodiles

well played, K. Page, well played


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Another Brick in the Wall, Part II — Pink Floyd

uppin’ ma Twitgame

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Hey, hey SportsNation?  Thank you.

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Angela Surf City — The Walkmen

SPORTSbyBROOKS » Photos: Braylon Edwards Night Before DWI Arrest

Title: Baby Blue Artist: The Warlocks 189 plays

Baby Blue — The Warlocks

The more I learn about Photoshop, the more distracting a role it plays in my day-to-day.

(1 AM edition)

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Rosa Parks — OutKast

Chose a funky funk song for the video I was editing today after hearing this on the radio this morning.  It was “90s Flashback Hour,” and right after OutKast was “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia.  

things can only go downhill from there amirite???


Title: History Artist: Mos Def 21 plays

History — Mos Def ft. Talib Kweli

last verse

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Old School (ft. Talib Kweli) — Danger Doom

Title: De La Soul feat. Mos Def / Big Brother Beat Artist: De La Soul 270 plays

Big Brother Beat (ft. Mos Def) — De La Soul