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Heartbreaker — Girls

GPOYDisposablecamera: NYC Edition

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are you still in vallda? — jj

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@jimmy_morris: @krisitay you can only be Bob Knight if you promise me you’ll chuck that chair across the floor at least twice and try to choke someone”

By the end of the weekend the chair will be in pieces, along with the dignity of pretty much anyone I encounter.  

(I’d assumed this to be standard Bobby Knight Halloween protocol, but then, some people let flimflam like candy and alcohol and “friends” get in the way of really celebrating the holiday.  Conveniently, I hate all of these things.  Let the raging commence!)

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Most Likely You Go Your Way (and I’ll Go Mine) — Bob Dylan

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The 6th Sense — Common

après-surprise-partie .giffing

3am[ish] ed.

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i feel ya gurl, i feel ya

I like the Internet sometimes.


Bears fans hate football?  Naaaaah

GPOYW: Hello I have today off, ergo I am poolside

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In My Eyes — Givers

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Gatsby in Scott Fitzgerald’s handwriting

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Who Cares? — Gnarls Barkley